Transportation and vehicle decals

A vehicle with decals in line with the brand look stands out and attracts attention in traffic.

Boost your brand with vehicle decals

Transportation and vehicle decals have a direct impact on the competitiveness of a company or brand. We implement vehicle advertising solutions from individual decals to full wraps. Our professional installation team implements short-term campaign decals as well as large-scale wraps that last for years. Brand ID’s top-quality design wrappings endure even the most extreme northern conditions.

Vehicle decals with flexible implementation and durable quality

The design of transportation and vehicle decals makes the products stand out. Modern and demanding design decals help to build the brand image of the company and its products.

Our decals reflect the flexibility, response time and stable quality essential to our service. We deliver standard-compliant, high-quality products in the right size and at the right time.

Let a professional do your decals

An operating licence can regulate vehicle markings. Incomplete markings can be costly, which is why it is recommended to let professionals implement vehicle decals. For example, the operating licence for a lorry requires that the name and contact details of the holder of the licence be found in a visible place on the vehicle (Act on the Commercial Transport of Goods on the Road 693/2006).

If the correct markings are missing and a written request for correction has been made, but it has been neglected, the police may remove the plates.

What should be taken into account when implementing vehicle decals for demanding conditions?

Products made for demanding conditions must take into account many factors, such as the effect of the surface material of the vehicle on the durability of the decal, the resistance to UV radiation and reflection effects, for example, in the spring.

The decals must survive the speed of trains and stay in place during lumber operations as branches in the sleigh whack the snowmobile’s side. Heat and temperature variations, on the other hand, are critical when a brand is shown on a tractor. We can also implement bus decal campaign solutions or individual decals visible to a large number of people.

Situations and vehicles vary, Brand ID’s decals stay.

Transportation and vehicle decals

  • Vehicles that suit your brand image
  • A branded vehicle stands out from the crowd
  • From individual decals to a full wrap
  • From short-term campaign decals to long-term ones
  • A professional nationwide installation team


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