• Accountability

Quality, Environment, and Safety at the Core

Attention to Quality, Environment, and Safety. In all our operations, we consider the impacts on quality, the environment, and occupational safety. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint without compromising on quality. The safety of our employees is a top priority for us.

Our operations are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental standards.


We produce and deliver products cost-effectively, with high quality and on time. We do things right the first time and at the right time. Each person at Brand ID is responsible for the quality of their own work. It is the duty of everyone to immediately investigate and eliminate the cause upon detecting a possible quality error. We continuously correct and improve our operations, taking small steps. Each of us examines our own, team, and overall performance on a daily basis from a developmental perspective.


We aim for efficient use of raw materials and energy and strive to reduce emissions and consume less relative to the quantity we produce. We adhere to binding commitments regarding our environmental impact. We educate, guide, and encourage our entire staff to act in an environmentally responsible manner


The goal of safety operations is to secure people, property, and the environment from accidents and damages, as well as to ensure the smooth running of operations. Everyone is responsible for the safety of their own work and actions. The level of occupational safety is assessed as part of safety rounds and internal audits. Safety risks related to operations are regularly assessed and monitored, and our work environment complies with safety requirements. We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our personnel by investing in maintaining and promoting work capacity, occupational health care, and the functionality of the work community. We report and investigate incidents and accidents, learning from them.

Ethical Reporting Channel

Through the reporting channel, employees and partners of Brand ID can securely report suspicions of misconduct or other unethical activities. To ensure the confidentiality of the reporter, the reporting channel has been implemented using a service provided by the Central Chamber of Commerce.

Brand ID is committed to operating transparently, openly, and in accordance with ethical principles. The reporting channel provides an opportunity to gather systematic and essential information about potential suspicions of misconduct and violations, as well as to respond to them promptly. This reporting mechanism is a crucial part of the United Nations’ guiding principles on business and human rights. Additionally, the purpose of the reporting channel is to enhance a positive employer image and corporate culture by offering all stakeholders a means to raise potential issues and concerns.

You can access Brand ID’s reporting channel here