InVue display security solutions

InVue security products increase sales and prevent theft.

InVue security solutions for display devices

InVue products make life easier for staff: when display devices are in order, customer service staff can focus on selling. Alarms that protect display devices also do not distract or attract the attention of the store’s customers. When customers can test the display devices properly, the customer experience is better, and the probability of a purchase decision increases.

A wide range of products for different needs

Increase the sales of peripheral devices with innovative security solutions. InVue’s display device security solutions provide stylish security for your display devices.

We have a wide range of suitable solutions for different furniture options and security requirements. The product range is crowned with a unique OnePOD and wireless solutions.

OnePOD Wireless – The Ultimate Experience

  • Sensor combines with any existing OnePOD display and can instantly convert between wireless and stationary security as needed
  • Clean, consistent visual display that encourages customer interaction and makes the product the hero
  • Wireless sensor frees associates to move about the store and sell complementary products
  • Configurable security parameters using Zone Manager

One40 – Low profile security display

  • Minimal above counter presence to highlight merchandise
  • Mechanical security with below-counter recoiler
  • Below-counter recoiler options also available for One55, One65 or One60 feature sets
  • Available in white, black or silver

One55 – High experience

  • Tool free installation and re-merchandising
  • Scalable security allows devices to be lifted or locked down for moderate risk retail environments
  • Most cost-effective OnePOD
  • Available in white, black or silver

One65 – High experience, intelligence, and cross-merchandising

  • Cross-merchandising port
  • Planogram compliance and customer interaction data
  • Tool free installation and re-merchandising
  • Scalable security allows devices to be lifted or locked down for moderate risk retail environments
  • Available in white, black or silver

One60 – High security meets high experience

  • Only all above-counter high security recoiler available
  • Industry leading steel construction stand and sensor
  • Enhanced steel cable with optional 2- or 4-way steel security arms
  • Planogram compliance and customer interaction data
  • Available in white, black or silver

One90 – High security with Lock Down

  • Industry leading steel construction for highest security
  • Locked down fixed position with 4-way unibody security arms
  • 90° portrait/landscape rotation
  • OEM feed-through power
  • Available in white, black or silver

One90QR – High security with Quick Release

  • Quick release at sensor with OneKEY for nightly merchandise removal
  • Industry leading steel construction for maximum security
  • 90° portrait/landscape rotation
  • OEM feed-through power
  • Available in white, black or silver

OnePOD Camera – Complete display and security solution

  • Leverages OnePOD flat stands (above and split level) to create consistent visual brand identity throughout store
  • Provides power to DSLR and Point & Shoot camera bodies with various lens security options
  • Access Manager™ capable
  • Integration with the InVue OneKEY ecosystem™
  • Available in black or white

OnePOD Wearable – OnePOD platform for smartwatches

  • Open hoop design with recoiler provides optimal customer try-on experience
  • Utilizes the OnePOD stand and sensors for consistent visual merchandising
  • Works only with Apple and Samsung Galaxy watches

S3100V – Stand Tall. Move Freely

  • Clean, vertical display presentation
  • Small, cordless sensor frees associates to move about the store and sell complementary products
  • Configurable security parameters using Zone Manager
  • Manage planogram compliance and understand shopper engagement

Series 960 – Optimal combination of design, experience,
and security

  • Minimal contemporary design
  • High consumer experience
  • Scalable security
  • Allows for cross merchandising of accessories
  • Compatible with InVue’s Retail Analytics suite

Series 855V – Vertical display with ultra low profile sensor

  • Streamlined sensor design ensures device stability and enhances customer experience
  • Reliable performance with consistent charging up to 2.1A, ensures displays are always powered
  • Compatible with branded point of sale merchandising displays
  • Part of the OneKEY ecosystem™

W2000 – All-in-one solution for smartwatches

  • Most comprehensive solution to power and alarm smartwatches
  • Includes integrated alarm stand with recoiler, prevents the need for a separate alarm unit
  • Optional built in Apple charger cradle can natively charge Apple watches

WS2 – Clean, consistent display for smartwatches

  • 2 display options: Hidden cord or Exposed cord
  • Perfect placement magnets and anti-slip pad to ensure consistent and clean display
  • Utilizes universal flex sensor for improved operational efficiency and easy installation
  • Compatible with Zips for full alarm option

HSW100 – Powerful security for smartwatch displays

  • Heavy-duty, all-metal construction delivers a truly secure display solution
  • Clean, minimal, low-profile stand complements environment and engages customers, while reducing leverage points and theft access
  • Three (3) fit-for-purpose harness bands for square or round watch faces
  • Two (2) mounting stud sizes for scalability and enhanced security
  • Four (4) simple screws, inaccessible from tabletop, secure watch frame to stand
  • Undercounter hardware that protects fixtures and countertops
  • Integrated OEM power capability for most popular Apple and Samsung watch models

Zips Display Case

A flexible solution to display a wide range of smart technology and personal accessories.

  • Clear visual case protects product and promotes engagement
  • Integrated security and charging options
  • Compatible with existing Zips bases to support a wide variety of merchandise
  • Compatible with OneKEY and Access Manager for full visibility of product interaction.

Zips All-in-One Headphones

Inspire great listening.

  • Audio, power, and alarm provide a complete headphone display. 
  • Long, soft-pull cord enables customers to try every feature.
  • Simple, unified design encourages interaction.

Zips Headphone Recoiler

Optimal customer experience and security for wireless headphones.

  • Fully integrated audio cable for playback in the headphones
  • Standard security to openly and safely display wireless headphones
  • Supports multiple audio barrel sizes: 2.5mm and 3.5mm
  • Integration with Zips platform

Easy-to-use security solutions for public spaces

The use of tablets and smartphones in, for example, libraries, banks, customer self-service and cash registers has increased. These uses often impose completely different requirements for security solutions compared to retail store solutions. InVue’s product range also includes products designed specifically for these purposes.

InVue display security solutions

  • Increases sales
  • Prevent theft
  • Staff can focus on customer service
  • Do not disturb customers
  • Display device testing improves customer experience

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