Dump bins

A dump bin is suitable for supporting the brand and promoting campaigns.

What is a dump bin?

A dump bin is a hexagonal sales display or bin. Its interesting shape makes it more visually appealing than a traditional rectangle. In addition, the viewer can see more sides at once compared to a rectangular display. In a way, a dump bin works for the same purpose with better efficiency: it improves product sales by attracting the customer’s attention.

For launches and product demonstrations

A dump bin is ideal not only for supporting product and company marketing or branding, but also for effectively promoting different campaigns. A dump bin improves the availability of the product in the store and is perfect for launching new products and product demonstrations, for example.

Dump bins

  • A hexagonal sales display
  • Distinctive design
  • Improves sales by attracting attention
  • Supports the brand
  • For campaigns and product launches


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