MAG-Sign price profiles and stands

MAG-Sign is an easy and effective price display innovation to replace traditional display solutions.

Replace poster pockets easily and quickly

Our latest product development innovation, MAG-Sign, is a new system for efficient and easy retail customer communication. MAG-Sign is based on a magnetic picture rail and compatible poster pockets and prints with small metal fasteners. Thanks to the innovation, changing poster pockets is easier, faster and safer than in traditional hanging price displays.

MAG-Sign utilises the airspace

The Mag-Sign system does not require additional fasteners, hangers or hooks. A simple poster pocket is enough, which also makes the system more affordable than traditional hanging price display solutions.

MAG-Sign is a slim, discreet and circular magnetic profile with a diameter of only 20 mm. With the MAG-Sign price display, you can manage your airspace in a sleek and cost-effective way.

In addition to suspended magnetic profiles, the MAG-Sign system also includes indoor poster stands, ready-made sign models and various wall mountings.

MAG-Sign indoor poster stands

The MAG-Sign indoor poster stands have been developed to facilitate in-store customer communications. The stands can be used for traditional product pricing with plastic pockets. They can also be used with paper and fabric prints to increase the visibility and effectiveness of visual marketing.

MAG-Sign price profiles

  • High-performance magnets
  • Can be attached to most metal surfaces
  • Easy to move from one place to another by hand
  • Leaves no traces on the mounting surface
  • The fasteners open from the bottom surface and do not prevent the pocket from being fastened to the desired location

MAG-Sign stands

  • Extremely sturdy material
  • The pedestal can be placed under the shelf, sales table or pallet
  • Do not disturb customers
  • The cross bars can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Information to the desired location in the vicinity of the product


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