TEGO suspended ceilings

TEGO suspended ceilings and lighting solutions can be easily adapted to any room size.

TEGO suspended ceilings – from offices to shopping centres

TEGO suspended ceilings are a simple and flexible way to change or create an atmosphere and create a lasting customer experience in stores. With our suspended ceiling solutions, you can capture the customers’ gaze effectively when you want to highlight special offers or a specific product group through various signs, brochures or other display materials. With TEGO, you can also hide other, less attractive interior design solutions.

Lighting, sound and customer communication planning

Lighting, sound and different signs can be placed in the suspended ceiling and it can also be moved as needed. This makes the TEGO suspended ceiling highly customisable and adaptable to, for example, different campaigns and seasons. It can even be used to create a completely new store concept.

Our suspended ceilings include everything you need: lighting, price display and signage. Brand ID Fenix Sign Oy represents, sells and installs TEGO suspended ceilings in Finland.

TEGO suspended ceilings

  • For stores, offices and industrial buildings
  • Improve the look and functionality of the space
  • Highlight special offers or product groups
  • Easy to change and adapt
  • Lighting, price display and signage


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