A sales pallet is both a transport unit and a display solution.

Sales pallets according to the customer’s wishes

The design and customisation of a display stand for different brands’ product packaging is an art form of its own, in which measurements are key. A cardboard or display stand is designed and shaped according to the measurements, as the product must fit on the sales pallet or, in some cases, be exactly the same size. Brand ID manufactures these different sized pallets – custom-made, of course.

What is the ultimate purpose of a sales pallet?

When the items are placed on the pallet, they are easy to move around and place in the store. The pallet is also a central part of the product or brand’s visibility in the store. This is one reason why we dress all pallets in a representative outfit and help the product stand out.

Pallets have the dual nationality of the store world: they serve both as a transport unit and as a display solution. The pallet is therefore a kind of sports manager: it enables players and the team, in other words, products and product groups, to succeed.

In addition to 1/1, 1/2 and 1/4 pallets, we also provide pallet wraps and corners.


  • Product foundation
  • Pallets of different sizes according to the customer’s needs
  • Easy to move and position
  • A part of product or brand visibility
  • Helps the product stand out


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