Promotional stickers

Small or large advertising stickers promote the campaign and strengthen the brand.

Advertising stickers increase brand recognition and visibility

Large advertising stickers or tapes are equally suitable for increasing brand recognition as well as for promoting short campaigns. UV-protected and laminated stickers are best suited for long-term use. Stickers for short-term use do not necessarily require laminating. The material is selected according to the application and duration of the campaign.

High visibility with a small investment

We implement advertising stickers according to the customer’s wishes in all kinds of locations with national installation. Even with a small sticker, you can get a lot of visibility. Promotional and advertising stickers are a convenient, effortless and affordable way to market and get visibility in a short time.

Promotional stickers

  • Promote the campaign
  • Strengthen the brand
  • Increase recognition
  • Increase visibility
  • Easy to attach and remove


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