Window graphics

We implement window graphics on a site-by-site basis from the initial mapping to implementation on a turnkey basis.

Window graphics are a first-class advertising space

The front of the building serves as a business card for your company. If there is a window area on the front of your premises that is in need of brand visibility, it is worth utilising that opportunity. Window graphics are a visible and affordable way to advertise and communicate.

Window graphics guide and attract customers. Depending on the size, it can reach people from far away. Attractive window graphics are therefore a step towards a purchase decision. Window graphics are suitable for both short-term and long-term use.

Window graphics

  • A first-class advertising space
  • Visible from far away and guides customers to the store or premise
  • Custom-made graphics
  • Initial mapping and implementation on a turnkey basis
  • Nationwide planning, implementation and installation

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