Logo and brand decals

Make products stand out with unique logo decals.

Brand-ID tuotekuva
Brand-ID tuotekuva
Brand-ID tuotekuva

Logo and brand decals according to the application

Our durable digital and screen-printed solutions are designed together with the customer. In order to ensure an optimal end result, the production method and material are always chosen according to the application and surface material.

Distinctive and versatile logo labels are a sure way to attract attention. A logo label on a machine, equipment or other product has advertising value and is a good brand management tool. We provide solutions suitable for different applications, and we always take into account the installation, requirements and product life cycle.

Marketing and a way of labelling

Logo labels allow you to label and brand your products in any size and format. The high-quality and affordable logo labels are suitable for indoors and outdoors. We also manufacture transparent labels and special solutions according to the customer’s needs.

Logo labels and brand decals can be applied to any surface, from laptops to vehicles. Logo labels and brand decals are not only a means of marketing and advertising, but also a way of marking the company’s property with, for example, a logo and contact information. We use top-quality polymer material in our labels. Labels can also be laminated, which increases the lifetime of the label even in challenging conditions and prevents fading.

Logo and brand decals

  • For distinctive and unique labelling of products
  • Digital and screen-printing options
  • Planned together with the customer
  • Production methods and materials are chosen according to the application and surface material
  • For indoors and outdoors


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