Insulations and Plastic Sheets

Brand ID manufactures sheet-like products for industry, such as insulations and structural plastics tailored to the customer’s needs. Send an inquiry

Insulations and Protective Products for Machinery and Equipment

We produce insulations and protective products for machinery and equipment according to customer preferences. The insulation properties of the materials are utilized through precise shaping, which can be bent to any angle. All kinds of cuts are possible, and products are also available with graphics.

Touch Protection Insulations, Internal Casings, and Dust Covers

For instance, we manufacture touch protection insulations that shield machine operators from electric shock. We can produce bent insulations ranging from 0.125 mm to 4 mm in thickness, entirely customized to meet customer needs. Insulations not only enhance safety but also ensure reliability. For example, the purpose of internal casings may include protection against dust to ensure proper functioning of the device. Insulations and other protections can be manufactured straight or thermobent.

Plastic Sheets for Machine Parts

We fabricate machined parts of machines and equipment from commonly used engineering plastic sheets. The smallest product size for our insulation and protection products is typically postage stamp-sized, but we can accommodate smaller if needed. At the larger end, products can be up to 2x3m, but we execute even bigger challenges with the same quality and assurance. Individual products can also be manufactured, but the quantity usually ranges from tens to hundreds in larger products and from hundreds to thousands in smaller ones.

Insulations and Plastic Sheets

  • Insulations and protective products for machinery and equipment
  • Enhance safety and reliability of machines
  • Precise shapes made with CNC milling or CNC knife cutting
  • Available with graphics
  • Bends according to customer preferences


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