Packaging materials

We provide the packaging materials directly from the warehouse.

Packaging materials for small and large needs

In addition to packaging, we also have a wide variety of packaging materials, such as edge protectors, tapes (with or without printing) and bubble wrap. You can order the supplies directly from our warehouse with fast delivery. Whatever your specific needs may be, you can always count on the quality of our products.

Edge protectors are used to support the load at the corners of the pallets and to protect the packages. They hold the load together and stabilise it during transport. Our edge protectors are made from cardboard.

Bubble wrap protects a packaged product from many things during transport, such as scratches, dents, blows, frost and dirt. Bubble wrap is a lightweight and easy-to-use material that can protect the package relatively effortlessly. Just wrap and tape the bubble wrap around the package.

Cellular plastic protects particularly fragile or breakable products from damage. Cellular plastic is a lightweight and effective way to protect packaging.

Stretch film allows the products to be tied together into a bundle. For example, the products can be tied to a pallet to prevent bumps and protect against rain.

Packaging materials

  • Edge protectors
  • Packaging tapes with or without printing
  • Bubble wrap, cellular plastic and stretch film
  • Directly from warehouse
  • Fast delivery


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