Special decals and anti-slip products

Our range includes special label solutions for the needs of the industry.

Brand-ID tuotekuva
Brand-ID tuotekuva
Brand-ID tuotekuva

Anti-slip for added safety

Our safety-improving reflective, photoluminescent and anti-slip products are designed according to the customer’s needs. Anti-slip tape is a practical and safety-improving product for machines, equipment, running boards, staircases and other areas where slipping can cause serious accidents and injuries.

Our durable safety products are easy to install

Personalised to the look of your product or company, our printed and shape-cut safety products are distinctive, durable and easy to install. Our safety products increase the operational safety of machines and equipment, buildings, offices and industrial premises. Our wide range also includes the right materials and colours for the requirements of the strictest regulations.

We also provide hard plastic and transparent solutions for other special needs.

Special decals and anti-slip products

  • Printed
  • Shape-cut
  • Anti-slip products for added safety in machinery and equipment
  • Distinctive and durable
  • Easy to install


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