Smartdeck is the new generation solution of boat deckings. The durable decking material is made of a lightweight closed cell foam, that is cost-effective, quick and easy to install and effortless to maintain, 

The material offers endless possibilities for customisation. As far as aesthetics go anything is possible, from the traditional teak look to innovative patterns. The only limit is your imagination.

Smartdeck™ – Award-winning premium material for your boat

Recently, Brand ID’s Smartdeck™ came first in the deck material test of the German publication YACHT, the number one boat magazine in Europe. Light yet durable, the Smartdeck material is praised by boat brands and boatsmen, especially due to the safety and comfort ensured by the softness of the products.

“The anti-slip performance is in a class of its own compared to the other products on the market. It is an incredible improvement on boat safety as a whole. The soft finish guarantees a stylish yet cozy feel, which improves the overall user comfort.”
– Junior Engineering Manager Justyna Romaniuk, Saxdor Yachts

Slip-resistance is key to boat safety

Slip-resistant decking is one of the most important safety factors in boating. Slipping, or even the fear of slipping, may hinder the operation of the boat and, at worst, can result in injury or even falling overboard. In the Yacht magazine comparison, the test-winning Smartdeck decking material provided a non-slip grip on up to a 37-degree incline.

Custom patterns

A further demonstration of the safety of Smartdeck decking material is slip resistance, so shoes lose grip gradually, rather than unexpectedly. In addition to safety, Smartdeck is also a great choice in terms of aesthetic appearance: the surface pattern can be customised according to the customer’s wishes, and there are a couple of dozen colour options to choose from.

Pleasant for feet and eyes

Smartdeck™ is a synthetic closed cell foam material. It is comfortable under foot, pleasant to look at and can withstand tough sea conditions without fading or wearing out. Smartdeck’s customisation possibilities are limitless, and you can implement unlimited patterns and shapes according to your needs.

Brand your boat with the best quality and the most attractive colours on the market. The material has a five-year guarantee.

Smartdeck™ decking material

  • A stylish and durable boat deck material developed by Brand ID
  • Maintenance-free, easy to clean and completely waterproof
  • Safe: not slippery even when wet and remains cool even in high temperatures
  • Can be cut to any size, with bespoke surface patterns designed according to the customer’s wishes
  • Ready-made adhesive surface: quick and easy to install

Learn more on the Smartdeck website


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