Storefront graphics

With successful outdoor advertising, you can ensure that you stand out in your favour – and
exterior graphics a great way to achieve this goal.

A visible and inexpensive advertising space

The storefront is your company’s business card. Visible and distinctive exterior graphics can improve the appearance of the entire building and the company’s image. If there is an area on the storefront of your premises that is in need of brand visibility, it is worth utilising that opportunity. Colourful and high-quality graphics are a very visible and affordable opportunity to not only advertise but also inform.

Exterior graphics make the cash register sing

We provide custom-made exterior graphics that are memorable, reach the customer base and, most importantly, attract them to your store.

We implement your wishes in your desired size, format and colours for both small and large projects, up to tens of metres in size. Excellent colour rendering ensures a high-quality finish that is easy on the eyes but can also withstand fluctuating weather and heavy wear.

How do you want to be seen?

With our exterior graphics, you create a positive image of your company and attract the attention of passers-by. With storefront graphics, you can also enhance the visibility of different campaigns, for example. We customise and install the storefront graphics according to your wishes anywhere in Finland.

Storefront graphics

  • Stand out
  • Advertise
  • Communicate
  • Elevate the image of the company
  • Attract customers


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