Vehicle wraps are a large and visible advertising space for a company or brand.

Visibility for the brand – and the car

In addition to brand visibility, vehicle wraps can also be art. It is a cheaper and faster way to restyle your vehicle. At the same time, it provides protection and prevents, for example, stones from scratching the paintwork of the car. This is reflected in the resale value of the vehicle and the wrap is also easy to remove. A car that has been wrapped does not need to be waxed, either.

Decals and wraps with pre-existing or personalised graphics

Wraps can be made with tinted tapes, or the desired graphics and patterns can be printed on the tapes. The materials are selected according to the intended use and duration. The materials are resistant to washing and wear and have a warranty.

Vehicle wraps are allowed under the law. However, please note that an operating licence for a lorry, for example, requires that the name and contact details of the holder of the licence be found in a visible place on the vehicle (Act on the Commercial Transport of Goods on the Road 693/2006). The colour change of other vehicles must also be reported in connection with the next vehicle inspection.


  • A large and visible advertising space
  • Effective brand visibility
  • Cheaper and faster than painting
  • Protects the paint surface from scratches
  • With tinted tapes or customised graphics and patterns


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