We design and implement exhibition stands and event looks.

What is a good stand like?

A good bell can be heard far away, they say. A good stand shows the values of the company or brand – from a distance. The stand supports the company’s image and when it hits the target, the impression of the product or company is in line with the company’s goals. The same applies, in fact, to events, even though they are less often the subject of such careful consideration.

Attractive, attractive, attractive

None of this happens, however, if the stand goes unnoticed: it is difficult to present a company or product if the flow of people is spreading elsewhere. Therefore, the main task of the stand is to attract interest. And on average, it means that the stand must be impressive and distinctive. It can be reflected in visuals or original designs – or both.

Attract the attention and wake the feelings of the exhibition visitors. Try to get a stir out of them.

Flexible exhibition stands from design to installation

We offer an effortless and comprehensive service for flexible and downright ingenious exhibition stands and events – from design to installation. In addition to individual stands, we design and deliver, for example, exhibition counters, pop-up walls, poster stands, roll-ups and exhibition carpets. You can spruce up exhibition stands, for example, with flag stands, exhibition posters and flyer stands.

We can handle small, medium, large and huge exhibition stands equally well. We can design a stand for your company or brand, or we can execute your plan according to your wishes.

Don’t let the exhibition visitors ignore you. Contact us!

Event looks are emotional business

An event look is a short-term visual campaign. We often think that its job is to tell us about the content, themes and time of the event. That’s certainly true – on one level. However, its goal is also to arouse emotions: to create impressions and feelings, at best even to engage the viewer with the brand and to speak for your event.

A successful event look not only attracts but also acts as part of the campaign and overall event communication.

Exhibition and event branding

  • Showcases the values of the company, brand or event
  • Strengthens the company image or event brand
  • Stirs interest
  • Design, implementation and nationwide installation


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