A shop-in-shop takes you to your customers with little effort and without traditional retail space purchases.

What is a shop-in-shop?

In shop-in-shop retail spaces, the existing store has a separate concept to expand the store’s own offering. As the name suggests, it is a store within another store. The more familiar term pop-up store does not cover the whole concept of shop-in-shop, as brand outlets within stores can also be a longer-term solution than a temporary pop-up store.

A wider target group, increased recognition

Shop-in-shop is an easy way to get to where your customers are. It is a classic situation where everyone wins.

Your company and brand will have a wider potential target group and an opportunity to increase recognition. The consumer, on the other hand, gets to enjoy easy shopping in a physical store, where they can test products and ask for advice from an expert in the field instead of a faceless online store. The store’s retailer will be able to expand their own range of products and, at the same time, attract customers to the store specifically for the shop-in-shop.


  • Brand and retail under one roof
  • Win-win: helps both to increase their profits and market share
  • Helps to share the space costs in the store
  • Refreshes the brand
  • Comfort and ease for customers


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