Floor graphics

The water, scratch and use-resistant floor graphics are made to be noticed.

Floor graphics are resistant to wear

Floor graphics can be used to attract interest and guide customers in stores, shops or public buildings. Floor graphics are wear-resistant and their surface is specially treated to prevent slipping.

The printing material is selected according to the use of the floor graphics. The surface of the material may be either reflective or rough. The adhesive side of the material can be suitable for asphalt or marble flooring and the wear resistance can be based on continuous machine wash or include enhanced UV protection.

Floor graphics are an easy way to communicate

A long-lasting floor graphic is best suited for flat surfaces. Floor graphics are an easy way to communicate important issues, such as safety-related matters. Easy-to-use floor graphics attract your customers’ attention and can be made with the content, shape and size you want.

Floor graphics

  • Long-term information solution
  • Durable even on busy areas
  • Available in all sizes and shapes
  • Resistant to water and cleaning
  • Can also be used on other surfaces


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