Point of sales materials

Point of sales materials provide additional visibility for products or campaigns.

An extensive selection of point of sales materials

In addition to display stands, Brand ID also provides its customers other point of sales materials. These include shelf talkers, posters, banners for shelf end banners, plastic stickers and other sales materials.

When you want visibility for your product or campaign, our wide range point of sales materials from floor graphics to shelf ends will help you highlight your product.

Our point of sales materials also include pop-ups and security gates, pallet wraps, pallet corners and flag banners.

Point of sales materials 101

A shelf talker is an easy-to-use, affordable and functional way to attract the customer’s attention and make the product stand out.

A promotional banner is a convenient way to brighten up the store premises with desired signature colours or other visuals.

A shelf end is actually its own type of sales display. It can be spruced up, for example, with 3D additions that make the shelf ends stand out and make the products more attractive.

A pop-up is a display stand that is both space-efficient and quick and easy to assemble.

A security gate is an anti-theft device located at the entrance to the store, which can be coverer with a vertical marketing stand.

A pallet wrap can be conveniently rolled around the pallets for brand visibility.

A pallet corner is an informative and sales-promoting corner on the sales pallet, as its name suggests.

A flag banner decorates and brings colour to the store and informs or reminds about campaigns, for example.

Point of sales materials

  • Visibility for products or campaigns
  • Shelf talkers
  • Posters
  • Shelf end advertising banners
  • Plastic stickers
  • Etc.


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