Customised transport and sales packaging solutions

Durable corrugated cardboard boxes with or without a branding.

Your imagination is the limit – and a few cubic metres

Brand ID designers can make almost anything from cardboard packaging – your imagination is the limit. Well, the exact limit is more accurate: boxes with the volume of over one cubic metre. You can fit a massive product in one, but usually slightly smaller packaging is sufficient for, for example, the pharmaceutical industry or business gift purposes. Of course, the packaging can be strong and durable, even capable of transporting engines weighing thousands of kilos.

What is the difference between transport packaging and sales packaging?

Packaging can be roughly divided into transport packaging and sales packaging. The most important criteria for transport packaging is whether it gets the products to their destination intact. Sales packaging is often more spectacular: in order to sell products, the packaging must also be stylish and attractive. Packaging is not just an extension of the brand, but an integral part of the brand.

What about the others?

There is a wide range of hybrids between transport and sales packaging. For example, a separate inner part can be produced for the packaging to keep the product in place, serving as transport protection. The packaging itself looks good and boosts sales.

Combining products is also possible with an outer packaging and inner compartments, in which, for example, 4–5 different products can be placed. When each product has its own compartment, packing is easy.

With or without print

We provide sturdy and high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes with or without branding. We also provide custom solutions for specific needs.

Brand ID’s attractive sales packages boost sales thanks to their visual solutions and inventive structures. In transport boxes, we take into account the durability requirements without forgetting the appearance.

Transport and sales packaging

  • Durable and high quality
  • With or without printing
  • From medicine to outboard motors
  • Transport packaging protects the product
  • The purpose of sales packaging is to sell


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