Price displays

Price display is one of the cornerstones of customer satisfaction, and it must always be clearly visible and
carefully implemented.

Clarity is an asset in price display

The prices and product information must always be visible to the customer as clearly as possible. In our range you can find comprehensive and versatile solutions for price display, such as shelf edge rails, gallows/stands, plastic pockets and covers, various acrylic products, as well as outdoor and indoor poster stands.

Positive impact on purchase decision

At best, price displays can significantly influence the purchase decision: when the customer can easily find clear price and product information close to the product, purchasing is as easy as possible.

With our price display systems, your customers can easily find the price and additional information about your special offer and campaign products. Our solutions include everything you need for successful price displays and campaigns. Our sales personnel will help you find the equipment and systems that are most suitable for you to streamline your work and increase customer satisfaction.

Plastic products for all purposes

We provide plastic pockets and covers in different sizes and strengths that are made of acrylic or different plastic materials. Acrylics and polycarbonate plastics, or plexiglass, differ from plastics in terms of strength, transparency and processibility. We choose the most suitable plastic materials for our products based on the intended use.

Front rails, dividers and pushers

The Plug-in & Click divider system saves up to 15% of your working time. Moving and replacing the dividers is easy even on full shelves, and products do not need to be removed from next to the divider. Our adaptive divider system facilitates quick and efficient shelving arrangements. The switching of the dividers has been made simple with the unique locking technique in the back.

The Plug-in & Click dividers are in stock at 60 mm and 125 mm high for the most common shelf depths of 400 mm, 500 mm and 600 mm.

Brand ID pushers are sturdy and durable. They are equipped with a brake that makes it easier to shelf the products.

Price signs for a wide range of applications

  • ESL shelf edge rails and fastening solutions
  • Traditional shelf edge rails
  • Multiline rails and label holders
  • METO pricing guns
  • Plastic pockets and clips
  • MAG-Sign price profiles and stands
  • Frames, holders, stands and racks of all kinds
  • Front rails, divider systems and pushers for display
  • Black cards, card printers and accessories for eye-catching price displays
  • Dennison fastener solutions


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