Standard boxes, pallet containers and pallets

Our extensive warehouse quickly provides a high-quality solution for the safe transport and storage of your products.

Standard boxes for all purposes

Standard boxes are available in white and brown. We also have stronger, double-corrugated cardboard boxes. We provide standard boxes of different strengths depending on the intended use. We have different sizes from small to large to meet all packaging needs.

Pallet containers, sales pallets and SmartPOST boxes

Pallet containers are suitable for transport and storage. Pallet containers provide good protection for the product and the containers can be stacked on top of each other.

Batches and packaging sizes depend on the size of the wholesale pallets and sales pallets. Pallets made of plastic, wood, card or corrugated cardboard can be safely stacked on top of each other.

We also manufacture standard sized SmartPOST boxes. The durable corrugated cardboxes are designed to fit into Posti’s SmartPost lockers.

Do you want to design your own box? Contact us for assistance!

Standard boxes, containers and pallets

  • A wide range of products in stock
  • Safe transport and storage
  • Standard boxes in white or brown, double-corrugated boxes also available
  • Different sizes available for varying packaging needs


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