Boost the store’s look with large surface signs.

From frieze to frieze

With the help of friezes, i.e. horizontal honeycomb boards, the interior or exterior of the building can be made more versatile. As large surfaces, friezes are an excellent way to strengthen the store’s look and its visual branding. Friezes are highly visible, unobstructed and often also relatively large, so their information and guide sign role is emphasised. Friezes can even circle the entire store.

Friezes increase sales

Friezes are also a great way to strengthen your company’s image. And most importantly, a well-thought-out and refined store and brand concept promotes your business and increase sales. High-quality implementation of friezes in line with the store look and company image will help your company and product to stand out from the competition.

A store space where it is easy to move around and shop thanks to clear space allocation and signage is a sought-after store space. For the company and its customers. We can implement embossed friezes that circulate the entire store space, for example.


  • Large, highly visible surfaces
  • Strengthen the image of the store and company
  • Informative and instructive
  • Can be used as space dividers
  • Embossings pop out from the background


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