Acoustic boards

Acoustic boards effectively absorb sound and prevent unwanted echoes.

For absorbing sound and interior design

Facilities can be quite an echo booth. As a solution, we provide acoustic boards that conveniently absorb sound and reduce echoes. Our high-quality acoustic boards are easy to install and can also be used as interior design elements in addition to the sound-absorbing function. This way, you get two birds with one stone.

Available in all sizes and colours

As with our other products, size and colour are entirely up to you, depending on your brand and style of decor. We also recommend acoustic boards for office spaces and, for example, classrooms in school buildings.

Give your voice to acoustic boards!

Acoustic boards

  • Absorb sound
  • Prevent echoes
  • Function as decorative elements
  • Easy installation
  • For stores, business premises, offices, schools


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