METO pricing guns

We provide the widest range of pricing guns and labels on the market that are
also among the best in the industry.

Ergonomic design for seamless pricing

Market leader METO’s versatile pricing solutions include ergonomic labelling devices and labels suitable for retail, service providers and industry.

Together with METO, Brand ID offers the widest range of pricing guns on the market. Our range covers both 6–33-character print lines and customised print lines for special letter, number and unit solutions. The ergonomic design of the pricing guns ensures smooth pricing and easy changing of pricing information, labels and ink rolls.

Minimise product loss with clear price labels

With a pricing gun, you can easily mark discounted products or expiration dates. In addition, you can easily communicate new products and special promotions. In addition to pricing guns, we also provide a wide range of label colours and adhesives. In addition to several colour options, we sell labels with pre-printed texts and safety cuts.

METO pricing guns

  • The widest range of the best in the industry
  • Smooth pricing
  • For retail and industrial needs
  • Mark discounted products or expiration dates easily
  • Communicate new products and special promotions


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