POS Tuning shelf management systems

The POS Tuning space management system facilitates the work of the sales staff and helps the customer find products easily.

POS Tuning makes shopping more pleasant

The POS Tuning space management system keeps the shelves in order. The shelf image affects the tidiness of the store, from hypermarkets to small kiosks. Thanks to the POS Tuning system, there are no gaps on the shelves, and customers can always find the products in the right places.

Product-specific solutions

Shelf pushers, dividers and rollers of different sizes, shelf depths and widths. Our expert service professionals make your work easier by building the correct system for each product and product group. Even if a product group changes places in the store, the whole system can be easily moved with the POS Tuning products.

POS Tuning can increase sales by tens of percentage points

We can solve the way products are presented on any shelf, even if the product were of an unusual size or shape. For instance, light tea packages or mascara bottles call for slow or narrower pushers, so that the spring does not throw the product off of the shelf. Indeed, installation is an essential part of our expert service.

We have run many pilot projects where the sales have increased by tens of percentage points, and the sale of one product family has increased by as much as 38%.

Shelf-specific delivery

We also make life easier for the customer by supplying the POS Tuning products according to size category and purpose of use, such as all of the goods for one shelf at a time. For example, you can place separate orders for the beverage section and the cold cut section. The same is true about all regular-shaped products, from frozen foods to cosmetics and from washing detergents to coffee packages.

Product categories


With POS Tuning, your beverages are presented in the best possible light. We have the right solution for every beverage type, from cold to warm and from big to small.

Pharmacy products

Products for the face, body and hair should be clearly displayed on the shelves. However, this is not always easy in the pharmacy sector because the products are of different sizes and shapes. Thanks to the Pushfeed system, we can help you improve your sales with a neat display of products.

Fresh food products

Rapid sales are particularly important for fresh food products. The best-before dates are usually short and require regular shelf maintenance to ensure that no expired products are left on the back of the shelf. The Pushfeed system ensures that all fresh and ready-made products are always visible right at the front of the shelf so that the customer can easily grab them.


Sweets belong to the front row. Did you know that most purchase decisions in the sweets section are not planned? So what could be more important than attractiveness, tidiness and a clear view of the shelf? If you use your shelf space efficiently, you can present chocolates and candy better while increasing your sales.

Tobacco products

The sale and display of tobacco products in stores is strictly regulated in Finland. However, with the POS Tuning system, you can get more space for new categories on the tobacco shelf or find out the number of products on the shelf.

Frozen food products

You can make your frozen food department stand out by taking care of tidiness and good product accessibility for customers. This way, you can ensure a positive shopping experience for your customers. At the same time, energy consumption is reduced: when customers are able to find the products they want, the freezer is only open for short periods. Present yourself in a cool light with an inviting frozen food department.

POS Tuning shelf management systems

  • German quality for sales points
  • Front rails, intermediate dividers, pushers and back rails
  • From big hypermarkets to small grocery stores
  • Pharmacies, hardware stores, kiosks, spare part shops, electronics stores
  • A fully tailored system that is also suitable for sheet metal shelves, wood shelves, wire shelves, glass shelves, etc.


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