Packaging design

We design packaging for all needs, taking into account durability requirements.

Structural engineering and 3D modelling for the benefit of the customer and the product

Our structural engineering team designs functional packaging structures according to customers’ wishes and tests the prototypes of the products to ensure their functionality. We also provide pallet pictures and clear assembly instructions for our products.

With 3D modelling, alterations can be made early in the design stage and sent to the customer for approval before production. This reduces costs and speeds up the packaging manufacturing process.

Packaging design from corrugated cardboard and card

We provide all types of corrugated cardboard and card. Our professional sales personnel and years of experience and skill help in choosing the right material, improving existing products and creating completely new solutions. All this is done according to the customer’s needs, while also taking into account the durability requirements of the product.

Testing guarantees quality

We test prototypes of new products and their functionality to ensure their high quality.

Whatever the specifics, our experienced professionals can handle it. Cost-effectiveness and speed are part of the salesperson and structural engineer’s know-how and service. What’s most important is that the customer always gets what they need. That is sustainable for everyone.

Packaging design

  • Structural engineering and 3D modelling
  • Pallet pictures
  • Assembly instructions
  • Corrugated cardboard or card packaging
  • Testing guarantees quality and functionality


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