We implement large-format prints with a guaranteed reach.

Make sure you are noticed

Large-format prints make you stand out both indoors and outdoors. We provide distinctive indoor and outdoor advertisements from stores to exhibitions as well as giant banners for various events. Our solutions serve the unique needs of your company.

Sustainable production, state-of-the-art technology

In accordance with sustainable development, we produce high-quality and environmentally friendly products that meet your expectations. The customer’s concept and wishes are our priority. The choice of structure, material and production method is also guided by the intended use and usability requirements.

We strive for efficient production, which is why we actively suggest production methods that best suit your changing needs. Our goal is to provide the best print quality in Finland and be the most flexible supplier in the field.

Environmentally friendly printing inks

Our print production is based on long experience, knowledgeable personnel and significant investments in machinery and equipment, which makes us a technical leader in Finland.

All our printing materials are of high quality and durable, and we only use environmentally friendly VOC-free printing inks. The prints can be cut to any desired shape. With a CNC milling machine, we can efficiently cut materials such as aluminium composite, wood, acrylic and various plastic boards.

Materials for changing needs and eye-catching interior design

Floor graphics

Floor graphics can be used to attract interest and guide customers in stores, shops or public buildings. Floor graphics are wear-resistant and their surface is specially treated to prevent slipping.

The printing material is chosen according to the use of the floor graphics: the surface can be reflective or rough, the adhesive can be suitable for asphalt or marble flooring, and wear resistance can be based on continuous machine wash or enhanced UV protection.

Printed wallpapers

The walls can be finished with printed wallpaper or graphics. Our wallpaper range includes non-woven materials with different surface patterns, as well as many paper-based wallpapers. The wallpaper or decal adhesive is an important detail, as the adhesive must be selected according to the wall coating.

Magnetic sheets

A printed magnetic sheet is an easily changeable advertisement. If the furniture is made of ferromagnetic iron, a magnetic sheet provides a convenient solution to fast-changing advertisements. They are easy to install without the help of a professional, and the printout can be re-installed several times.


In board printing, we provide a wide range of boards that are used for advertising and construction. We provide aluminium, wood, plastic, layered, foam, honeycomb and many other boards for different applications. With advanced UV printers, we can also print on challenging materials such as glass and stainless steel with very high resolution.

Large-format prints

  • For any application indoors or outdoors
  • The best possible attention grabber
  • Banners
  • Wall coverings and decoration products
  • Advertising flags and beach flags


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