Train decals

Train decals must be able to withstand heat, frost and vandalism.

Thousands of square metres of decals

Brand ID also implements extensive vehicle wraps. For example, in the implementation of VR’s Allegro-trains, over 4,000 square metres of decal was used for the renewal of the interior and exterior of the four 180-metre trains.

It is advisable to use over-taping on the outer shells of trains that can withstand the extreme conditions from the scorching summer to the freezing cold of winter. While the tapes on the exterior are at the mercy of the weather, the tapes on the inside walls must withstand hundreds of thousands of passengers.

Fire-rated and graffiti-protected train decals

In addition to high abrasion resistance, the materials used by Brand ID are fire-rated for passenger safety and graffiti-protected against vandalism to maintain a fresh look.

The installation of train decals is done by skilled installers of Brand ID on a turnkey basis.

Train decals

  • Durable outdoor decals for extreme conditions
  • Interior decals withstand heavy passenger wear
  • Fire-rated materials
  • Security and anti-burglary films and graffiti-protection with anti-graffiti films


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