Card printers

With the help of card printers, you can highlight your store’s service counter products, such as specialty cheeses, freshly baked bread and pastries.

Card printers highlight the products that make you stand out

With Edikio card printers and accessories, you can highlight your store’s services and local products in a new way. The card printers also guarantee better and faster customer service, as plastic cards speed up and facilitate the purchase decision, guide the customer to a specific department and provide a better and clearer customer experience.

Quick and easy printing

High-quality, personalised plastic cards are quick and easy to print with our efficient card printers. Brand ID provides card printers, plastic cards, a wide range of different holders, software and services such as installation, design and implementation.

Personal texts on blackboards attract the customer’s attention

For example, you can easily get the handwritten blackboard text look on black cards with the exclusive chalk font print. Service counters, specialty cheeses, freshly baked bread and pastries stand out in the store with this stylish price display solution that celebrates tradition and handwriting. The image associated with small idyllic boutiques and high-quality fresh ingredients is a stunning contrast to, for example, electronic shelf labelling.

Red and green cards to support blacks ones

In addition to black cards, we also have red and green cards to highlight organic or new products, for example.

All our cards are resistant to moisture, cold and heat. They do not need to be placed in a separate plastic pocket at service counters, as they have a food contact certificate (TÜV Rheinland/EU (EC) No. 1935/2004).

Compact card printers are convenient in stores

Edikio Software is easy to use and, thanks to its small size, the printers fit where the cards are needed, that is, the store. In addition, our larger printer can print double-sided cards in one go. You can place EAN codes and, for example, service desk shortcut codes on the back of the card.

Card printers

  • Highlight your store’s service counter products, such as specialty cheeses, freshly baked bread and pastries.
  • Brand perspective: you can highlight the products that help your selection stand out from smaller stores, for example
  • White “handwritten” chalk font on a black background draws the customer’s attention
  • Card printers, plastic cards, holders and software
  • Installation, design and implementation.


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