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The key to Brand ID is teamwork. And attitude. We provide training for new employees and fulfill your desire to learn new things. The culture of doing things and improving the flow of things together can be seen, for example, in the fact that everyone’s idea is valued.

We branding people are honest, open, brave and cooperative team players for each other and for our customers. We have also been described as humorous in the past. I think it was in 2019, maybe April.

We are a growing company, which means that the operations will continue to develop and create interesting work tasks in the future as well. As a well-established company, we can offer a versatile career path for development and advancement.

Brand ID values

Team spirit

Everyone belongs

With us, every employee can develop their job description and be an important part of the company’s development and process improvement. All things can be learned, but a good atmosphere is created together.

Become one of us and experience a suitably sized workplace!

“I feel that all kind of people are given a chance here – a chance to learn and develop and a chance to create something new together.” Veera Rintamäki, Autocutter operator, Pori

“I haven’t felt the same sense of belonging to my workplace before ” Veera Rintamäki

”I have been able to travel a great path through the organization and the different job descriptions have built a broad knowledge base Teemu Hieta-Koivisto

Brand ID as a workplace

Brand ID provides industrial graphics, store and company branding, digital retail solutions, sales displays and packaging to make companies’ brands visible. The range of our products and services says it all: it is easy to find the kind of job you are looking for – and also have other options if you change your mind.

“If you want to work in a company with a good working atmosphere, an eye to the future and a work community that wants to take care of others, Brand ID is the right place for you” Teemu Hieta-Koivisto, Buyer, Pori

For interns

Brand ID is an inspiring workplace during studies. We regularly employ students from different fields as interns. We offer support for graduation, writing your thesis and competence development. You can combine study and work flexibly.

“My team has an incredibily good team spirit and I feel very proud that I can also call them my friends, in addition to being colleagues.” Noora Vuorenheimo, Large format printer operator, Pori

The most rewarding part of my job is continuous development and finding solutions and being successful.” Noora Vuorenheimo

There are several long-term careers in the company and I think I belong to this category myself with my 10 years of experience.” Erik Mykrä


We train, guide and encourage all our employees to act in an environmentally responsible manner. In all our operations, we take into account the effects on quality, the environment and occupational safety. This means that we try to minimise environmental damage, use raw materials and energy efficiently, reduce our emissions and consume less in proportion to the amount we produce.

We are committed to the safety of our employees

“The company’s roots are deep in Finnish soil, that is, Brand ID is a domestic family business. Stable growth and the desire to develop will anable a job well into the future.” Erik Mykrä, Project Manager, Hyvinkää/Pori