InVue smart locks

InVue smart locks are a secure but easy-to-use, customer-friendly solution
for the protection of products.

Intelligent electronic locking solutions for product protection in retail

Various locked cabinets and glass display cases are still used for sales display, for example, in watch and jewellery stores or as product storage for storing sales pieces. In a purchase situation, however, reconciling safety and ease of use is of paramount importance to ensure a positive shopping experience for customers.

The InVue Smart Lock product family offers versatile locking solutions for the needs of retailers. Easy-to-use locks and intelligent electronic coding ensure security.


The L410 smart lock is designed specifically for sliding glass doors. The lock is self-locking. The smart lock protects the products stored in display cases and enables a smooth customer experience. The L410 is compatible with the InVue IR Key ecosystem.

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The L430 is designed to be seamlessly integrated into furniture. The L430 locks itself automatically when you close the drawer.

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The L440 smart lock provides reliable protection in a variety of display cases. The L440 smart lock is designed specifically for glass swing-out door cabinets. The L440 locks itself when you close the door. The elegant design ensures that your products are visibly presented. The locking part of the lock remains inside the cabinet, protecting it from attempted break-ins.

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Cam Lock

InVue Cam Lock is designed to protect products stored inside drawers. The smart lock enables staff to quickly access locked products and ensures a faster and smoother service experience for customers.

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Plunger Lock

The Plunger II and III can be installed in pre-drilled holes in furniture. The Plunger products are designed to work with sliding doors and they are compatible with the InVue IR Key ecosystem.

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Showcase lock

Showcase Lock is designed for swinging glass doors. It is easy to install in single and double-door cabinets. The lock is easy to install with traditional tools. Showcase Lock is compatible with the InVue IR Key ecosystem.

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InVue smart locks

  • Secure
  • Easy to use
  • Customer-friendly
  • An intelligent electronic solution for product protection

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