InVue product security solutions

InVue product security is the best security solution on the market for stores and public spaces.

Secured product packaging increases sales and prevents theft

InVue products offer the best and most innovative solutions for protecting consumer electronics in stores and public spaces. Brand ID operates as an importer and representative of InVue security products in Finland.


The InVue T1000 is a time delay-based security solution. It increases sales while reducing theft. An easy-to-use button ensures a smooth customer experience. The T1000 is easy to add to the existing shelf solution, which enables flexible implementation. The T1000 maximises product visibility at a low cost.

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Locking Hook

The IR Locking Hook offers the best level of security for hook displays. A lock integrated in the wallboard enables quick adding and removal of products with the IR2 or IR3 Key. The IR Locking Hook is part of the InVue IR ecosystem, which protects all devices in your store with a single key.

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The IR StopLok is a cost-effective security solution for products. The IR StopLok is compatible with the IR Key ecosystem.

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Package Wrap

The IR Package Wrap allows customers and customer service to easily handle products. The alarm placed on top of the product packaging does not obstruct labelling and product information.
You can openly display your products while keeping them safe at the same time. The IR Package Wrap is designed specifically for packaged and hanging products. It is also part of the IR Key ecosystem.

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The IR Safer is designed to protect hanging products and shelved products that are easy to cover. The IR Safer shows the product and its marketing message clearly while protecting the product inside with an undefeatable lock. The integrated hanger cannot be removed and is therefore compatible with IR Locking Hook. The IR Safer is compatible with the InVue IR Key ecosystem.

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Cable Lock

  • Cannot be defeated by magnets; Disarm/Unlock with InVue OneKEY
  • Elegant design matches high-end aesthetics of protected merchandise
  • Quick and easy to install with an audible “chirp” when armed
  • Ideal for a wide range of products in retail stores

OneKEY Bottle Cap

  • Prevents theft and on-site consumption of wine and/or bottled spirits
  • Easy application and tightening process
  • One button push to lock; part of the OneKEY ecosystem
  • AM or RF gate detection
  • Three sizes available — small, medium, large

OneKEY Detacher

  • OneKEY Detacher is always powered and ready for rapid removal of InVue Package Protection security
  • Authorization (key to key) via an authorized OneKEY
  • Standard 12-hour authorization period before automatic timeout
  • Manual deauthorization button allows for instant deauthorization
  • Include magnet detacher feature to unlock standard magnetic security devices
  • Compatible with Access Manager Software for managed authorization
  • Kink resistant cord with swivel, replaceable cable


InVue product security solutions

  • The best product security solution on the market
  • For stores and public spaces
  • Increases sales
  • Reduces theft

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