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InVue LIVE makes it easy to create a better store experience

Delivering an engaging or frictionless shopping experience is a team effort. Supply chain, merchandise planning, and associate productivity converge each day to ensure your products are powered, displayed, and ready for customers to buy. Give your customers the shopping experience they’ve been looking for with InVue LIVE — the connected retail platform that tracks, monitors, and manages critical customer-facing activities with real-time visibility and control.

LIVE Display – Control your merchandising activities in real-time

From managing security levels to operating display merchandise and ensuring planogram compliance, LIVE Display empowers your team to improve customer engagement, minimize downtime, and reduce operational costs across your retail stores.

LIVE Access – 100% visibility to what’s happening across your store

LIVE Access empowers store leaders to confidently give every associate their own OneKEY to better service customers, reduce theft, and increase sales. Maintain 100% visibility, control, and management of locked, displayed and sell-through products and turn your disconnected security process into real-time access, managed with confidence.

LIVE Inside – Invisible protection 24/7

InVue Inside is a single application that uses Bluetooth technology to know if a device is removed from a retail location. Once triggered, InVue Inside will render the device useless — denying any benefit from theft.


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