Window graphics

Window graphics

We implement office, shop and store-specific window graphics, from initial mapping to implementation on a turnkey basis.

Feature your brand on the window

Window graphics are a first-class advertising space. If there is a window area on the front of your premises that is in need of brand visibility, it is worth utilising that opportunity.

The distinctive look is impressive not only inside the store, but also on the windows. It reaches viewers from a distance when needed and can act as an attractive bait for customers. And unlike advertising on media channels, this visibility is completely free.

Window graphics guide customers

Window graphics are a part of your company’s brand. It attracts people to your store from outside or from the corridors of a shopping centre to increase your company’s turnover. Window graphics can only steer towards the first step of a purchase decision, but without the first step there can be no next ones.

We serve nationwide

506 windows, sung Miljoonasade back in the day. We do not recall having such a large order yet, but we design, implement and install window graphics of all sizes with solid professionalism across Finland.

Let people do “window brand shopping”!

Window graphics from Brand ID

  • A first-class advertising space
  • Visible from far away and guides customers to the store or premise
  • Office, shop and store-specific graphics
  • Initial mapping and implementation on a turnkey basis
  • Nationwide planning, implementation and installation


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