Award-winning partners on the crest of a wave


Brand ID and Saxdor are leading the boat revolution. The next already shimmers across the Atlantic

Recently, Brand ID’s Smartdeck® came first in the deck material test of the German publication YACHT, the number one boat magazine in Europe. And the Finnish motor boat manufacturer Saxdor Yachts’ 10-metre sport boat 320 GTO took the first prize in the annual Motor Boat Awards of the Motor Boat & Yachting magazine. The comfort afforded by Smartdeck was also on trial in those tests because the deck of 320 GTO is made of the Smartdeck material.

But let’s get back to how it all started after the international boat fair in 2019.

“We were looking for a durable deck solution that would improve safety and look stylish. Finally, Brand ID provided us with everything that is important for the Saxdor design. It is rare to have such a compatible partner. We are thrilled to have them as our suppliers,” says Michał Bendig, General Manager, Saxdor Shipyard.

An incredible improvement on boat safety

Bendig points out that with the launch of new models and an expanding boat range, Saxdor needs strong partners who will provide the quality retailers and customers know and love. In other words, the cooperation may well grow in the future.

“Thanks to Brand ID, we are under less pressure when we launch new products.”

Light yet durable, the Smartdeck material is praised by Saxdor, especially due to the safety and comfort ensured by the softness of the products.

“The anti-slip performance is in a class of its own compared to the other products on the market. It is an incredible improvement on boat safety as a whole. The soft finish guarantees a stylish yet cozy feel, which improves the overall user experience and comfort,” says Justyna Romaniuk, Junior Engineering Manager, Saxdor.

Slowly but surely to North America

But what is the secret of the award-winning boat manufacturer’s rapid rise? CEO Erna Rusi is in no doubt about it. Saxdor found a niche in the market for a product boat aficionados had been waiting for, and it bore fruit immediately. The ecstatic audience made waves.

“Saxdor is built on a solid foundation: we offer groundbreaking design and unparalleled performance for a competitive price. That is the best offer on the market.”

Saxdor is looking to expand to the North American market gradually. In late 2021, the company started a partnership with the region’s largest boat retailer network, MarineMax. What’s more, the launch of the production of Saxdor 320 GTO in North Carolina is just around the corner.

“The demand for our product is already high, and cooperation with our local partners is key to delivering on our production promises,” says Pawel Blaszak, Technical Director, Saxdor.

Saxdor is particularly happy with Brand ID’s service-oriented approach.

“Even in the middle of global upheaval, our cooperation with Brand ID is running like a well-oiled machine. We are constantly supporting each other’s business. They have been more than helpful on numerous occasions,” says Michał Turowski, Warehouse & Supply Chain Senior Manager.

Saxdor Yachts

  • Founded by the successful boat designer Sakari Mattila
  • Head office in Helsinki, with the subsidiary Saxdor Shipyard in Poland
  • Three major award wins and entries in the first year (2020) alone
  • The Motor Boat Awards award for the 2022 Saxdor 320 GTO sport boat
  • Employs approx. 200 top professionals of advanced technology, construction and design


  • A stylish and durable boat deck material developed by Brand ID
  • Maintenance-free, easy to clean and completely waterproof
  • Safe: not slippery even when wet and remains cool even in high temperatures
  • Can be cut to any size, with bespoke surface patterns designed according to the customer’s wishes
  • Ready-made adhesive surface: quick and easy to install
  • Winner in a test conducted by Europe’s leading boat magazine comprising 23 deck materials


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