Illuminated signboards

Illuminated signboards

We manufacture top-quality indoor and outdoor illuminated signboards for your company.

Great visibility for your brand

We manufacture illuminated signboards for indoor and outdoor use. When designing outdoor products, we take into account the harsh weather conditions, such as rain and winter frosts. We mainly use white, red and green LEDs for our illuminated signboards.

We implement illuminated signboards

  • in individual letters
  • as panels
  • as columns
  • as signs and double-sided signs

Illuminated signboards in individual letters

Illuminated signboards can be customised with different background surfaces, colours and shapes. Special effects, such as perforated signs and shape-cut backgrounds with or without light, increase the visibility of the advertisement. Symbols and logos can be implemented in special shapes.

We provide illuminated signboard installations anywhere in Finland. We help you to implement unique illuminated signboard solutions that brighten your brand. Contact us and we will come up with the best solution for you.

Illuminated signboards

  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Visibility to the brand
  • For challenging conditions
  • Light colours available in white, red and green
  • Nationwide installation


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