Hamari Group is now part of the Brand ID Group


Hamari Group Oy is strengthening its position in the increasingly digitised retail sector. We have grown rapidly as a company, and now we will continue our growth with the help of our shareholder, Brand ID Fenix Sign Oy. We will continue our operations under the Brand ID Group, and the name of our company will be changed to Brand ID Hamari Group Oy.

Brand Id

Stores are becoming more and more digitised, and we need to be able to meet growing demand and be able to respond to large digitalisation projects. Hamari Group Oy provides Pricer ESL systems and Whywaste software solutions for waste management. In the future, we will be able to better serve our customers with the help of a large, nationwide organisation. We will develop our operations and be the best partner in the field of digital retail solutions.

With the new shareholder, our field organisation will grow significantly, our services will improve, and the best solutions in the industry will give us a strong foothold in the development of our customers’ digital retail environment.

Ville-Pekka Hamari and Jani Hamari will continue as the owners of the company, and Jani Hamari will continue to serve as the CEO. The Brand ID Group’s turnover is approximately EUR 30 million, and the Group has 150 employees.

With this acquisition, the Brand ID Group is now composed of four companies:

  • Brand ID Oy
  • Brand ID Display & Packaging Oy
  • Brand ID Fenix Sign Oy
  • Brand ID Hamari Group Oy

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