Test winner! Smartdeck™ is a five-star decking material


Europe’s largest boat magazine tested 23 decking materials and selected Brand ID’s Smartdeck as the winner.

Decking material often receives relatively little attention compared to other boat features such as horsepower and luxury amenities, despite being one of the most important safety factors in boating. The German magazine YACHT tested various decking materials, selecting Brand ID’s Smartdeck as the winner.

Test winner: Smartdeck™

The German magazine YACHT tested a total of 23 different decking materials, comparing top-of-the-line products from all major manufacturers. Smartdeck outperformed all its competitors for anti-slip performance in both wet and dry conditions. The Smartdeck solution was also commended for its price, user-friendly installation, and unlimited pattern options. In the end, Smartdeck secured a well-deserved test win with a top rating of five stars.

Slip-resistance is key to boat safety

Slip-resistant decking is one of the most important safety factors in boating. Slipping, or even the fear of slipping, may hinder the operation of the boat, and at worst, can result in injury or even falling overboard. In the YACHT magazine comparison, the test-winning Smartdeck decking material provided a non-slip grip on up to a 37-degree incline. 
A further demonstration of the safety of Smartdeck decking material is slip resistance, so shoes lose grip gradually, rather than unexpectedly. In addition to safety, Smartdeck is also a great choice in terms of aesthetic appearance: the surface pattern can be customised according to the customer’s wishes, and there are a couple of dozen colour options to choose from. 

Synthetic Smartdeck™ decking materials are a stylish and durable solution for deck coverings. The maintenance-free, easy-to-clean, completely waterproof decking materials are also safe because they do not get slippery even when wet, and their surface remains cool, even in hot temperatures. The decking material can be cut to any size and designed according to the customer’s wishes. In addition, the materials are easy and quick to install thanks to the adhesive surface.