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Product and raw material optimisation

We provide an optimal solution for selecting the right amounts of products and labels and for choosing the right raw materials. We will help you manage your product portfolio and reduce product overlaps.

Warehousing and logistics

If you have limited space or are looking for a convenient way to manage your stock, take advantage of our warehousing, logistics and delivery service.

We hold a buffer stock for our customers and provide warehousing services for small items. With the help of our reliable logistics partner network, we can ensure timely deliveries and deliver products from our warehouse directly to the customer’s doorstep.

Product development and testing

Our skilled sales personnel and experienced production team are experts in developing existing products as well as creating completely new solutions for the specific needs of customers.

We test the prototypes of new products to ensure their functionality and high quality.

Material management and prepress

We provide a cloud service for the transfer and storage of materials.

We process the customer’s material in our prepress and convert it into printable form.

Brand design and conceptualisation

We discuss the customer’s needs and wishes together with the customer and provide our design expertise from individual display stands and fixtures to the branding of entire sales departments and chain concepts.

Structural engineering and 3D modelling

Our structural engineering team designs structures according to the customer’s wishes and tests product prototypes to ensure their functionality. We also provide pallet pictures and clear assembly instructions for our display products.

With 3D modelling, alterations can be made early in the design stage and sent to the customer for approval before production. This reduces costs and speeds up the production process.

Project management and monitoring

We implement branding projects of all sizes as a turnkey service from design to installation. Our comprehensive project management service saves the customer’s resources and ensures that the project is completed on schedule. Our project management tool allows the customer to follow the installation process in real time online. This way the customer is always kept up-to-date with the status and real-time progress of the project.

Nationwide installation, packaging and assembly services

Our professional installation team implements brand solutions across Finland.

You can also order an assembly service for your display products, which will allow you to receive your products as a turnkey service from order to assembly and installation.