InVue prevents shoplifting and increases sales


The InVue product security solutions improve your customers’ shopping experience. When the customer is able to test electronic devices in-store, it increases the chances of a purchase decision

Have you ever toyed with the idea of deciphering the codes built to protect the products in a store? Good luck with that, especially if the store has opted for InVue product protection. After all, the system includes 16 million code options. Each location has a unique code, so hacking into the system is, to all intents and purposes, impossible.

The salesperson serves the customer, InVue charges the battery’s

With InVue protection, the display items in an electronics departments stay in order and in their rightful places. The staff can focus on customer service, and the customer won’t even notice the subtle product protection. InVue products can also be used to charge the display items, which enhances the customer experience.

  • “You can control the alarms and locks and protect the products with one InVue key. InVue has even been used at an art exhibition, where the work had to be activated with an Apple Watch. When it comes to the scalability of the products, the sky is the limit,” says Mika Laine, Sales Manager, Brand ID Fenix Sign Oy.

The use of tablets and smartphones, e.g. in libraries, banks, customer self-service and cash registers has also increased. InVue’s product range also includes products designed for these purposes.

Customer’s producs in Brand ID’s warehouse

Brand ID operates as an importer and representative of the InVue security products in Finland. The cooperation is tailored to the customer’s specifications. For instance, the customer’s ticket system can be directed via email directly to Brand ID, and Brand ID can use it to manage the order volume of goods.

This enables inventory optimisation to maintain the correct number of spare parts. If there is a large number of products purchased, Brand ID can use its own warehouse and deliver products from it.

  • “Brand ID is a reliable delivery and management partner. We offer a comprehensive package instead of acting just as a supplier, which saves time for the customer,” says Laine.

InVue products are used at the stores of several major operators around Finland, which translates into tens of thousands of protected products.

InVue product security solutions

  • The best and most innovative solutions on the market for protecting electronic products, e.g. in stores, banks and public spaces
  • A wide product range of different security solutions and smart lock options
  • Enables safe in-store display and shared used in public spaces
  • Protects mobile phones, tablets, cameras, smartwatches, payment devices, etc.
  • Protects display models on shelves and inside locked cabinets