Domesticity and responsibility are important values of the family-owned company Brand ID from Pori. The domesticity of the branding company is now also highlighted by the Proudly Printed in Finland symbol, which has been introduced by the umbrella organisation of the printing sector Fespa Finland.


The Proudly Printed in Finland symbol highlights the importance of domestic work, which has become even more important during the pandemic. The core message launched by Fespa is: We print and produce Finnish products for Finns.
The symbol can be used by companies that are over 50 per cent Finnish-owned and pay their taxes to Finland. At least two-thirds of the company’s production and other operations must be located in Finland.

Brand ID has offices and production in various parts of Finland, and the installation teams also operate around the country. In addition, the indirect employment effects are significant. There are approximately 150 employees.

Did you know? Individual consumer choices have a huge impact. If every Finn increased their purchasing of domestic services and products by EUR 100 a year, the employment impact would be as high as 10,000 jobs.


Responsibility, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials and green solutions are at the heart of Brand ID’s operations. It acquired the ISO14001 environmental certification already in 2004.

The key to growth and success is skilled and committed staff. Responsibility is also strongly present in corporate culture. Operations are developed and the company is managed with the Kaizen philosophy.

Recent acquisitions also show strong growth. Brand ID Group acquired Fenix Sign, which specialises in brand visibility solutions in Hyvinkää, and Hamari Group, which develops comprehensive solutions for dynamic pricing, saving working time and waste management.

What is Fespa Finland? The umbrella organisation of the printing sector distributes information, develops professional skills and advances the printing industry. It helps member companies to network, connects experts in the field and provides international contacts.