• IKH Konala

IKH Konala

The IKH store in Helsinki’s Konala relies on digital price displays.

Customer service is the key

Pricer’s digital price displays make it easier for the staff to work in the store: thus, the staff can dedicate their focus on sales and customer service work.

– Stores should make use of digital tools when there is an opportunity to do so today. Pricer’s digital price displays are convenient and easy to use. A big plus is also that the store’s appearance is clean when the price signs are digital, says IKH Konala.

Digital kiosk helps the customer to search for items

​The digital Pricer search kiosk for products is an excellent tool for customers. The customer can search for the location of the product they want using the search kiosk, and thus find the product quickly.

– If we have thought of development suggestions, for example mounting options for different products, they have been well taken into account. We have a lot of products of different sizes on the shelf, and therefore sometimes we have to fit a lot of price tags in the same row. We have been really satisfied with Pricer’s digital price displays.