• DNA Kauppa Hansakortteli

Demonstration devices create a customer experience

Brand ID Fenix Sign renewed the look and feel of DNA Kauppa Oy’s store in Turku’s Hansakortteli

Design and reliability make all the difference

DNA Kauppa is Finland’s largest seller mobile phones. In approximately 65 stores, the design of the display of the devices and trouble-free operation are key factors in the customer experience. High-quality InVue products have been at the core of DNA and Brand ID Fenix Sign’s partnership for a decade.

Industry’s top products

In the spring of 2019, a large renovation project for DNA Stores began, which we piloted at the store in Turku’s Hansakortteli. Experience and customer service play an important role in the telecom operator’s store. Model phones, tablets and smart watches must be constantly ready for use, easily tested and effectively protected against theft. For this, we deliver solutions from the InVue product family, which are the cutting edge in their field.

Products and service as a package

Opening a renovated store in a functioning shopping centre is a hectic project in terms of installation. Advance planning and customer knowledge is therefore essential. Brand ID Fenix Sign offers DNA top products together with a unique service concept. That is why we have a competitive edge and high-quality partner. You can experience the end result at the nearest DNA Kaupa, where the renovations continue at a good pace.

Project’s three prongs

Pilot site for the renewed DNA Kauppa chain
Quality and a great customer experience with InVue display products
The 10-year partnership is based on product and service offerings