Energy from nature

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The Jasu ice fishing spoon is a combination of traditions and modern technology: the aluminium spoon has a eye-catching 3D coating.

Brand ID asked the fishing operator Eumer Finland Ltd to be their guide on the company’s recreational day. Eumer is one of the most innovative fishing operators in Europe, manufacturing and developing fishing gear and organising guided fishing excursions and recreational activities for business groups, among other services.

The story of Eumer Finland started decades ago, when the Ojamo brothers Jaakko and Olli were just little boys. The brothers, who were keen fishermen, started to make tube flies for their personal use. Later they developed their own flies for casting.

As the years went by, the brothers started to sell their flies. They needed a company for that, so Eumer Finland Ltd was founded in 2007.

“People asked from time to time if we ever intended to do anything else besides fishing when we grow up. But that’s all we ever wanted to do,” chuckles Jaakko Ojamo, the Founder and Sales Manager of the company.

Brand ID’s Marketing Coordinator Kirsi Kjäll celebrates the first catch of the day. Jaakko Ojamo, Eumer Finland Ltd’s Sales Manager, explains that the fish on the hook is a smelt.

Without that enthusiasm, Finland and Europe would be one inventive fishing operator poorer.

Nowadays Eumer Finland Ltd is known for being one of the most innovative operators in their field.

The company manufactures, develops and exports their own fishing tackle for different sections of sport fishing. Eumer is known for their award-winning products such as the Spintube, Jasu and Eumer, which include fly, ice, lure and angle fishing equipment.

Exports to 20 countries

On the ice of Merikarvia, Brand ID’s team members are sitting around ice holes and trying to catch their prey with vertical Jasu spoons that are a combination of traditions and modern technology: they are made from light aluminium and coated with eye-catching 3D technology.

“Nearly every Finnish fishing equipment store sells Eumer products. Our products are also exported to around 20 other countries in total,” says Olli Ojamo, the company’s co-founder and Marketing Specialist. “We value creating things from scratch ourselves, as well as testing and constantly improving our products and services,” he adds.

One aspect of their operations’ innovative nature is the use of social media. Eumer Finland Ltd has tens of thousands of followers on their social media platforms; over 40,000 subscribers on YouTube alone – people are clearly interested in fishing, tips about fishing techniques, and nature.

“Social media is about putting yourself out there. People want to see who the company owners are and what their values look like in practice,” Olli Ojamo explains, describing the company’s use of social media.

People want to fish with the Ojamo brothers – or at least try their luck on the same waters.

Eumer Finland Ltd has increased their range of services over the years to include recreational activities and conference facilities for businesses as well as guided fishing excursions for groups. This is how Brand ID’s staff is enjoying their recreational day at Merikarvia.
From the point of view of fishermen, this small village in Satakunta is more significant than its size would suggest. According to the Ojamo brothers, Eumer Finland Ltd is the only fishing center in Finland that has such a vast range of fishing services: they are able to take their clients to a nearby river, or to the sea, which is just five minutes away by car,, or to a lake that can be reached in fifteen minutes. All year round.

“We can offer activities for every day of the year. If it were a traditional winter in Satakunta and the sea weren’t frozen, we would be fishing on the open sea. If the ice is too thin, we could try floating in the water in immersion suits, for example. There are many recreational activity options for business groups to choose from,” says Jaakko Ojamo. “The end result is always the same, though: the clients leave with a more relaxed state of mind.”

Nature increases the sense of community 

When the ice fishing begins, the happy chatter among the Brand ID staff dies down. They stare at the holes on the ice, and take swift looks at the sonar screen that has been placed by each hole. 

Since we are in the 2020s, fishermen can use sonar to reveal the secrets at the bottom of the sea. When the fishing begins, a screen is placed on the ice and its sensor is lowered into the ice hole, where the float keeps it near the surface of the water. If a fish comes close to the hole, the sonar detects its movement and shows it on the screen. That is when the fisherman should be ready to take action.

The god of the sea has been generous on this beautiful day in early spring. The sonar shows a hungry shoal of smelt circulating approximately seven metres below the surface.

Cheers of joy start to fill the air as constant streams of smelt are reeled in from every hole.


It smells like cucumber, Eumer Finland Ltd’s Olli Ojamo assures Erik Mykrä from Brand ID. The sea smelt can grow to be over 30 centimetres long.

“It has been a successful day for a fishing guide when the first fish is reeled in,” chuckles Olli Ojamo, who still gets excited about every catch.

However, sometimes luck is not in the fishermen’s favour. But even then, the excursion has not been a failure. According to Ojamo, the day is a success whenever a group of people has decided to spend their day in nature.

Research supports his statement: nature has been proven to alleviate stress and recharge the mind, improving the ability to focus, and in some cases even lowering the heart rate and blood pressure. Spending time in nature with others is also good for social well-being and sense of community.

The effect on the staff of Brand ID is visible at the end of the day: after hours of ice fishing, eating a hearty barbequed meal and enjoying a snowmobile safari on the sea ice, the day has been a roaring success.

“It was extremely relaxing. I feel calm and ready for everyday life again,” concludes Brand ID’s Project Manager Erik Mykrä

“People asked from time to time if we ever intended to do anything besides fishing when we grow up. But that’s all we ever wanted to do.”

Jaakko Ojamo 
Sales Manager, Eumer Finland Ltd