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Synthetic decking materials, anti-slip products, labels and decal solutions for the boat industry

Decking solutions

Synthetic decking materials are a stylish and durable solution for deck coverings. Our low-maintenance, easy-to-clean and waterproof decking materials are also safe because they do not get slippery, even when wet, and their surface remains cool even in hot temperatures.

The decking materials can be cut to any size and designed according to the customer’s wishes. The materials are easy and quick to install due to their adhesive surface.

Boat side decals

Side decals give your boat a stylish and unique look. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to colour and design, and decals are a much faster way than painting to give your boat a stylish look.

Our decal solutions stand up to heavy wear and extreme conditions. They also protect the side of the boat from abrasion and help preserve the value of the boat. 

Logo decals

Our logo decals can be used to label products in a distinctive and stylish way.

In order to ensure the best and most durable results, the production method and material of the labels are always chosen according to the application and surface material.

Machine labels and plates

We also produce machine labels and plates for boats. Our selection includes sticker, plastic as well as aluminium solutions. The material is always chosen according to the application in order to ensure a durable solution, even in challenging conditions.  


Our 3D logos are a stylish solution for branding and customising your boat. Our embossed 3D solutions include, for example, chrome-plated logos and domed decals.

Dome decals

Our three-dimensional dome decals are a durable solution for boat labelling purposes. The airtight and weatherproof dome protects the decal. The dome decal can withstand solvents, disinfection and even high-pressure cleaning.

Instrument panels

Instrument panels are a safe and durable solution for damp or humid conditions. Our plastic and metal panels protect your instruments and gauges from moisture without compromising on style.

Instruction and warning labels

Instruction and warning labels help to ensure the safe operation of the boat. The labels are designed together with the customer and made using either digital printing or screen printing, depending on the application and surface material.

Anti-slip products

Our safe, adhesive anti-slip solutions provide a reliable hold even in damp or humid conditions. Our anti-slip products can be cut to any size and shape according to the application and the customer's needs.

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