Corrugated cardboard packages, standard boxes and packaging materials in a wide range of sizes from large to small

Packaging solutions for every need

We provide unique packaging solutions made of light and eco-friendly corrugated cardboard. We offer solutions for all packaging needs from standard boxes and packaging materials to customised transport and sales packaging solutions.

Customised packaging

Customised packaging

Durable and high-quality corrugated carboard boxes with your brand logo or without printing.
We also implement more unique structures. With sales packaging, we implement unique visual solutions and innovative structures. With transport packaging, we focus on durability, without compromising on style. 

Storage boxes, containers and pallets

Storage boxes, containers and pallets

Our large warehouse provides an efficient and high-quality solution for the safe transport and storage of your products.

Standard boxes are available in brown or white. We also have stronger, double-corrugated cardboard boxes.

Our selection also includes standard-sized SmartPOST boxes.


Packaging materials

Packaging materials

We provide various packaging materials, including edge protectors, tapes (with or without printing) and bubble wrap. You can order all the necessary supplies directly from our warehouse with a short delivery period. Whatever your specific needs may be, you can always count on the quality of our products.


Structural engineering

Our structural engineering team designs structures according to the customer’s wishes and tests product prototypes to ensure their functionality. We also provide pallet pictures and clear assembly instructions.



optimisation of raw materials, structures and materials

We provide an optimal solution for selecting the right amounts of products and labels and for choosing the right raw materials. We will help you manage your product portfolio and reduce product overlaps.



3D modelling

With 3D modelling, alterations can be made early in the design stage and sent to the customer for approval before production. This reduces costs and speeds up the production process.




We provide all types of corrugated cardboard and card. Our skilled sales team will help you select the right material according to your needs and durability requirements.


Warehousing and logistics

If you have limited space or are looking for a convenient way to manage your stock, take advantage of our warehousing, logistics and delivery service. 



Printing techniques

We offer a range of printing techniques from flexographic printing to offset printing. We will help you choose the right printing technique in order to achieve the best possible results. 


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