Whywaste waste management solutions

Whywaste is the most effective way to check the dates of products.

A digital tool for controlling food waste.

4x faster date check wizard

The application maintains information about expiring product batches. The application will alert you when the expiration date of the products is approaching, so you only need to check the necessary products knowing they will not be overlooked.

40% less food waste and 17% more sales for timely placement of on-sale products

A smarter way to react to promotions for aging products, mark them for a discount before they expire and go to waste.

Whywaste can be connected to a label printer and, if necessary, a discounted price can be printed on the product so the customer can see it directly from the package.

Dynamic pricing

Whywaste can be connected to the Pricer ESL system to get even more out of the software. This allows the shelf position of the products to be indicated by the led on the ESL price display. The promotional pricing of product batches can be automatically updated on the price displays.

Set product-specific alarm limits

Whywaste software creates product group-specific checklists. Alarm limits can be set for product groups: for example, fish products can be discounted three days before they expire, meat products two and milk one day before the expiration date.

Whywaste Data Gathering

Employees that are responsible for the store receive key information about the data collected in Semafor. The data can be easily combined and visualised based on the time period, individual stores, regions or the whole chain.

  • Statistics on which products often end up in the waste
  • Statistics on products that are often discounted due to approaching expiration dates
  • Overview of products that are often sold out


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