VoCoVo intercommunication system

Give staff the opportunity to make, answer and connect customer calls directly from
their VoCoVo device.

Cost-effective and practical intercom solution – all
in one device

  • No more missed calls, headset is always available
  • Faster and more efficient customer service

The VoCoVo intercommunication system enables employees to make, answer, hold or connect calls directly from their VoCoVo headset. The system also allows teams to contact other employees or your supervisor.

You can also forget about running to the office or looking for a phone as team members can answer calls easily while working just by pressing one button or by locking headset’s handsfree function.

No missed customer service situations.

With the Invite button, customers can also contact the staff, the Invite buttons can be placed in different departments or self-service agencies. The department manager can advise you directly during the call or, if necessary, go to the location.


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